The fastest way to find the best executive.

A fast and cost-effective way for growing companies to find their next leaders.

SearchEssentials is built for growing companies that don't have the time to review endless LinkedIn profiles and don't have a spare $100K for retained search.

What makes us different?

With SearchEssentials, you get high-touch recruiting that's sped up by tech and data.

We do that by combining recruiters who specialize in leadership hiring, proprietary candidate data from the 6th largest executive search firm in the US, and an AI-powered talent intelligence engine and delivering it to you in the best executive search platform on the market.




Our generalists separate the signal from the noise for you, and land you introductions.

We give our recruiters better data and tools to get you those intros faster.

We deliver our work with more transparency and collaboration via technology.

How does it work?

We simplify the search process by removing unnecessary elements until you're left with just the essentials.

When should you use us?

We are great for hires that sit in the middle—not senior hires at large companies and not junior hires.

Examples of this type of role would be: 

  • Senior hire at a growing company in the 30-300 employee range
  • Strategic hire at companies larger than that (think 300-3,000 employees)
  • VPs and Directors reporting to recently hired CXOs

We can also help in situations where you have one killer candidate, but want to have, say, two more conversations with high-caliber folks to make sure you've picked the right one. Or when you know exactly the candidate criteria you need, but need help getting in front of them.

What do we cost?

We're a little more expensive than contingent recruiters, but we're less expensive than executive search firms.

If contingent is fast food and executive search is your favorite restaurant, we're like ordering takeout from your favorite restaurant: Faster and easier to get.

Why should you use us?

We do great work when growing teams need it most. Here are a few examples.

VP of HR for a newly public company

Have more questions? Need a head start on a search?

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